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Partnering with premier vendors across diverse industries, HSG Distribution specializes in delivering comprehensive Telco, Datacenter, and Enterprise solutions, spanning from edge to core, to cater to various markets. Our approach emphasizes flexibility, empowering customers to select their preferred business model and networking technology. This ensures that our solutions are precisely tailored to address the unique needs and challenges faced by each customer

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AI / Cloud Data Center Solutions

Hyperscale Data Center

With east-west traffic growing, operators need low-latency, optimized traffic flows to increase network performance. In a spine-and-leaf topology, every leaf switch is connected to the spine switches in a mesh topology. The spine switches are the backbone of the network and are responsible for interconnecting all leaf switches. Packets are allocated randomly in the entire network, so traffic is evenly distributed among the top-of-rack switches with redundancy.

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Edgecore cloud data center solutions reduce network maintenance costs while ensuring the network structure is ready for nextgeneration technologies, such as software-defined networks (SDNs). Newly deployed data centers are fully backward compatible with remaining legacy networking infrastructure, bringing redundancy, high capacity, and low latency

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Enterprise infrastructure for hyperscale networks. Edgecore cloud data center solutions support enterprise infrastructure for hyperscale networks with flexible deployment and automation capabilities, which maximizes operation efficiency and meets scalability and growing requirements. Enterprises are able to configure all switches at the same time, and all devices are exactly the same number of segments away from each other, providing a predictable and consistent amount of latency. When adding a new rack with TOR switches there is no need to check/upgrade centralized firewalls and load balancers.

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Immersion Cooling solutions

Embracing the future of Data Center Energy Efficiency: Immersion Cooling 

In our digital age, data centers serve as the backbone of our interconnected world. Recent data reveals that data centers are now responsible for 2% of global electricity consumption, equal to the entire aviation industry. Furthermore, the demand for data centers is surging, driven by services like streaming, cloud gaming, AI, blockchain, and more. In the United States alone, data center demand is projected to grow by a remarkable 10% annually until 2030

The solution is clear: the creation of eco-friendly green data centers with efficient cooling systems, consuming around 40% of a data center's energy.