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Partnering with premier vendors across diverse industries, HSG Distribution specializes in delivering comprehensive Telco, Datacenter, and Enterprise solutions, spanning from edge to core, to cater to various markets. Our approach emphasizes flexibility, empowering customers to select their preferred business model and networking technology. This ensures that our solutions are precisely tailored to address the unique needs and challenges faced by each customer

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Service Provider Solution


Edgecore promises to deliver the leading connectivity solutions and services through productizing open software and hardware solutions for service providers and new experiences for their customers.

In Edgecore, we offer disaggregation solutions covering all spectrum of the network, from broadband access, edge computing, mobile network, and core routing.

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Mobile xHaul Transport

To meet the demands for new 5G infrastructure, mobile network operators now have embraced open networking as a solution. To adopt 5G networks, there is not only increased traffic and data rates to accommodate, but also a vast increase in the number of small cell sites. Operators need a cost-effective solution to facilitate greater innovation as well as reduce both CAPEX and OPEX without compromising performance and quality.

Edgecore comprehensive, end-to-end telco solution, from access layer to aggregation layer, all the way to the core, provides flexibility and scalability for xHaul transport network to best meet operator’s requirements

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Aggregation and Open Broadband Network Gateway (BNG)

The scalability of distributed and open network architecture is allowing additional devices to be added as required, this pay-as-you- grow model could improve TCO. In aggregation layer, Edgecore field-proven and multirole-capable Aggregation Router portfolio offers the carrier-grade quality that is expected by service providers.

Smaller distributed BNG deployment closed to subscribers

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Disaggregated Distributed Backbone Router (DDBR) Solution

Increasing mobile buildouts and new 5G deployments will necessitate upgrades of the current service provider network. Mobile operators are looking for a network solution with a higher scalability, higher reliability, with support of PTPv2 and SyncE to meet latest requirements. With network disaggregation, telecom service providers can gain the flexibility for exponential improvement and growth needed to meet the demand surge for data by entering the era of 5G.

According to Telecom Infra Project (TIP), Disaggregated Distributed Backbone Router (DDBR) is a versatile device that can be deployed in IP core/backbone networks as an IP/MPLS core/edge routers (P/PE routers) or an Internet Gateway router (IGW). Its unique Disaggregated and Distributed Architecture helps to disjoint the innovation paths and moving away from costly platforms with efficient scalability and deterministic latency

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Data Center Interconnect (DCI) for connecting data centers

Explosive bandwidth demands in mobile 4G/5G, fixed wireline and cable networks is driving providers to rapidly scale the capacity of the Optical Transport Network (OTN). The underlying OTN infrastructure is very complex, expensive and is a closed hardware and software system. Service Providers are now demanding more open, scalable and cost-effective infrastructure.

Cassini, the industry’s first open packet transponder, is built to enable network operators to easily extend and migrate existing metro and long-haul DWDM networks by adding new 200G capacity and extend inter-datacenter and Layer 3 services all in an open network platform.

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